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exhibition at eighteen 29 gallery in Amsterdam

PLUG IT IN was and exhibition curated by Justina Nekrašaitė in her gallery run from here apartament in exciting Amsterdam West district that I feel deeply connected to. Justina’s lustrous personality and great taste, as well as the function of the curator of the bookstore space gallery that united artists based in the neighborhood, allowed her to succesfully run Eighteen 29 with its great program. It was my honor to be showing to this particular audience in such a great company. The techno is a theme I started researching for the Digital Nomads program, and different takes on the subject had been showing in my works.

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Opening: Friday 27 January 2017
19:29 – 23:00

The 4th edition of Eighteen.29.
Video works by Julia Sokolnicka, Iztok Klančar and Lia Satzinger

JULIA SOKOLNICKA is a Polish artist based in Amsterdam. She is an experimental and documentary filmmaker and an author of music and dance videos.

“Show of the Digital Nomads” titled THE TECHNO

For Eighteen.29 Julia will present a second mix of her live mixed documentary, a graduation project from Master of Film at Nederlandse Filmacademie. „Digital Nomads” is a growing archive of conversations and scenes from lives of culturally active youth from big cities around the globe. The experimental documentary tries to re-define unification of culture and investigates the role of gentrification in mechanisms of counter culture. The mix will include portraits of artists behind the techno scene of New York, Berlin and Amsterdam.
IZTOK KLANČAR was born in Slovenia and is based in Amsterdam. He is a storyteller who works with video, photography and text.

“Dark Marrow”
Music by Lifecutter

Once in a while I would spend an evening with my two best girlfriends. With the curtains drawn we would drink wine or vodka and talk about love and our men. One of us would usually shed a tear for romances long gone and after that we would laugh. I would set up the camera and film them while they danced.

They simply keep going, fierce Suzanne and sweet Beverly. Travelling down, where it’s warm. I’m not there, it’s just them, performing.

They keep going.
Lia works with the capacity of found space to offer a series of interpretations, narratives and visual, aesthetic performances. Her interventions explore a potential domain of possibilities that derives from the complexities of the spatial realities that surround us. A deconstruction of what we expect space to be, followed by the reconstruction of the unexpected. The pieces she deploys are in constant dialogue with the spaces they occupy, inviting the viewer into a story by offering distinct narratives.

“Breaking the grid”
With reference to the book “The Edifice Complex” by Deyan Sudjic, this movie calls to attention the psychological and visual power architecture can have over its viewer. Not only does architecture house us, it also portrays the hopes, beliefs, dreams and mindsets of its time. The film “Breaking the Grid” uses experimental filming and projection methods to portray architectural images of the past. The strong grid-like structures of modern architecture are broken down via the movement of the actual projection surface. In this way the film also aims to question the idea of moving image and film itself.
Chris Meighan (live performance)
Chris Meighan is a visual artist who works with technological research as an artistic medium. Over the course of the last year he has designed and constructed a unique electronic musical instrument that fits inside a brown Samsonite briefcase from the 1980s. He will play an experimental and yet eminently danceable minimal techno/electro set to wake the souls of hibernating robots on the dark disco floors of cyberspace.
Starts 21:00.
Wisefire (live performance)
He like his Chiptune upbeat, melodic and with a kick to it. Influenced by acid and electro, Wisefire’s message is simple “All I require is that you Dance”.
Ends 23:00.
Eighteen.29 is a space that organises experiences and exhibitions in the Amsterdam-West. The space will continue operating until the summer of 2017. Eighteen.29 is a living room in a private apartment dedicated to bringing artists and hosts together to create programming that is the product of an experiment. Through site-specific events, Eighteen.29 works to tell stories that inspire curiosity.
Eighteen.29 is organised by Justina Nekrašaitė

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