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Update: Love Space at Art Rotterdam

During the work on Love Space Jasper was supported  by  The Mondrian Fonds Young Art Scholarship and our collaborative work Love Space Documentary, was his choice of work for the exhibition „Prospects and Concepts” at Art Rotterdam. The way Jasper works is site specific, so showing the film that was documentation of what happened in the summer was very special. I hope the audience really transported into the Amsterdamse Bos just a little by watching the film. It was also great to be featured amongst some of my favorite young artists in the Netherlands.

PREMIERE OF LOVE SPACE | ONE – short documantary at #ArtRotterdam ???????????????? #prospectsandconcepts #lovespaceone #filmmaker #film #artnotwar

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I’m collaborating with Jasper Griepink on his exciting project – Love Space.

I made this 14 minute essential from the magic moment this summer. Very wise people met and combined their wide knowledge locked in practice of healing through work with the body, talking but most of all open heart and love, understanding and compassion for another human, practiced in networks of so called „green culture” mostly, but not only. The attitude towards how to bond in society and how to work on myself and relationships with others is something that could be learned only by osmosis.I hope the virus of kindness spreads. I have so much material from those two weeks spent in the Forrest with those guys. We are showing a bit on Art Rotterdam but also Jasper who’s the mastermind behind all this (and one of my favorite artists), started a fundraising campaign. Check it out and if you have any suggestions on what should be our next step or if you want to produce our 45 minute documentary on love, hit me up!


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