Julia Sokolnicka




One of my favorite Polish Bands „Tania O” invited me to work on their new video. The city portrait in the song is my home town Warsaw and it seems, as the lyrics go, as if a comet dropped  in the middle of it. It does seem like that to me when I visit, usually during summer vacation or Christmas time, when everyone is gone. Warsaw is also a city with harsh history of WW2 two bloody upbringings that led to brutal and complete bombing of the city and erasing large part of it’s population and almost entire of it’s original architecture. Followed by the Communism and the grotesque era of the 20+ years of Capitalism, that was already old when it was young for us, Varsovians. As one of them, I learned to love to hate and hate to love the cities architectural patchwork and dust. In the last years Warsaw is also in the same ranks as Bejing if it comes to smog, so by dust I mean dust.

I hope the post-apocalyptic indie rock vibe of the song is well recognized even if one does not understand brilliant lyrics written by Łukasz Kaniewski.



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