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Side Roads and Landscape of transition talk in Amsterdam

On May 20th, I will have a talk and a screening of Side Roads, my 2015c film , recently screened at TVP Kultura.


Please feel invited to create your new Monday routine together with our Cultural Dinners.

SIDE ROADS -Landscapes of Transition

For the upcoming edition we invited filmmaker Julia Sokolnicka who will show her short documentary „Side Roads” and talk about social and economical changes manifested through observation of the landscape. For her film, Julia hitchhiked throughout 3, long winters and talked to the drivers about… well, life. The attention to landscape was her tool to express complexity of the sociopolitical background of the people she shortly portrayed. Through glimpses of the side of the road and fragments of life stories, emerges a Polish national portrait, noticed on a verge of perception.

The screening will be followed by an illustrated, personal presentation of the visual anthropology of the last 30 years in Poland. The short performative lecture will shed some light on architectural analysis literature, popular music, newest history of aesthetic jurisdiction and artistic expressions of the province, and explore the hidden taste of neoliberal, visual freedom of Polish 2000’s.


Julia Sokolnicka – born in Warsaw in 1983 is an experimental and documentary filmmaker, writer and researcher. Her practice moves between social philosophy, video and performance. She studied Philosophy at Warsaw University and Film Directing in Wajda School and Katowice NFTS. In 2016 she graduated at Nederlandse Filmacademie in Amsterdam with an Artistic Research in Film Master degree. In her current projects she’s working with social choreographies, notion of Realness and simultaneous narratives.

Her short documentary film “Side Roads” has received a number of international awards and a distribution in prestigious Polish cultural channels such as TVP Kultura and Ninateka.

Her current projects “Digital Nomads” and “Social Choreographies” focus on community bonding through technology and identity of the global youth. Both projects address the utopias of solidarity and problems of multicultural societies and combine performance art and cinema through formal experiments and theoretical exploration.
Julia lives and works in Amsterdam.



Soup: beetroot cream with coconut milk, roasted pumpkin- sunflower- and sesame seeds, served with fresh cilantro and lime

Main course: Kiev style puff pastry mushroom casserole filled with veggies and green lentils, topped up with soft goat cheese

Dessert: vanilla apple crumble

Dinner price: 25E
Please, make sure to reserve your spot by sending us email to oko.cultural.melting.point@gmail.com

17.30 – 20.00 Dinner
20.00 – 20.40 Performative lecture by Julia Sokolnicka
20.40 – 21.00 Movie screening: „Side roads” directed by Julia Sokolnicka
21.00 – 22.00 Drinks and discussion


Monday’s Cultural Dinners is a brand new project to be held on a weekly basis in our lovely space in Bos en Lommer. Let us nourish your body with homemade delicious & healthy food as well as to take care of your intellectual well-being together with our intriguing guests. The scope of topics we are interested in includes cultural diversity and gentrification. We are aiming to become a forum for local community of BoLo. If you are an artist, activist, thinker, or just would love to share something inspiring and you live in the neighborhood or somehow feel connected with it, please feel encouraged to reach out by email oko.cultural.melting.point@gmail.com and discuss your ideas with us!


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