Julia Sokolnicka



Transeuropa Fluid Residency in Hildesheim

I was selected as one of 9 artists or artists teams to take part in residency and festival in Hildesheim, Germany. The residency takes place from April 8 to May 27 and ends with a festival Transeuropa Fluid where our works will be presented.



It’s a unique and very beneficial form of commission , that I feel honored to be selected to. I really needed to have time to develop new ideas and I was provided all I need in the lovely city of Hildesheim.

My wonderful, charming, solid and insanely talented co-residents were:

Anastasia Sosunova 
Guerilla Architects
Mafalda Jacinto
Mirela Baciak
Sarah Ama Duah
Zeynep Sarikartal

The project YOU MUST APPOLOGIZE, that I worked on in Hildesheim is a continuation of „Simple gestures” my research on social choreographies that I have launched with my last year’s April 2016 HKW in Berlin Forecast Forum under the mentorship of Bjorn Melhus. I later continued the research through practice („Simple gestures” at Feiertag Gallery Kassel (DE) with Marcin Kamiński , where we worked with video , sound and physical intervention, and later in Cracow (PL), as a part of my weekend takeover in Gallery Pamoja Goods. Now I have finally gotten a chance to work with re-ennactement and performative experiments with the local amateur performers and members of local communities.

The project consisted eventually of three works”

„You must apologize”, essay film 30’min with sound work of Mariia Kashyna.

The Street, site specific experimental documentary audio-visual installation with mixed image and mixed sound from sound artist Annika Locke

And „Body monitor”

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