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I was invited to present my artistic research on Social Choreographies in Tunis (Tunisia).

It was my first time there and INTERFERENCE FESTIVAL was a perfect place and time for visiting.

The festival was a public art festival dedicated to light art mostly , and curated by an experienced curator and festival director Bettina Peltz. She, together wit local urban activist and curator, Aymen Gharbi, created an unforgettable experience. INTERFERENCE was held in the Medina for a second time and it was a spectacular dive into the insights of this old, fascinating neighborhood, build from complicated labirynth of old and new, busy souks, temples and local craftsmenship.

I was observing artist Robert Sochacki, who worked with local communities, and had a chance to dive into local realities thanks to a dedicated and incredibly hard working and charming, multilingual crew of local students.

The experience was crucial to me as a way of turning the conceptual, Eurocentric thinking around my projects „Digital Nomads” and „Social Choreographies” to realistic framing of what communities are, and how can intersections of different cultures manifest in public space observations.

I did not have enough time in Tunis to investigate but it was enough to talk about my project and also imagine it as being presented in a public art context, It also made me sure that North Africa is a very meaningful cultural hub for my further investigations, which allowed me to apply for more residencies in the region and continue my research there.


You can take a look at the festival FB page here:


There is also a video made by local filmmakers that document the experience very well:

And here is some of my Photos: More in section photos.             


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