Julia Sokolnicka



„we are not watching the past yet” – DAS theatre collaboration with Szymon Adamczak

In the end of June 2017 I was a part of intensive collaboration with a theatre director Szymon Adamczak in a piece presented at his Master of theatre studies in DAS Theatre in Amsterdam. The Piece called „We are not watching the past yet” was loosely elaborating on the dynamics of the feminine figures, linked to the recent feminist crisis in Poland over the complete abortion ban implemented by ┬áthe Polish government, and a XIX th century story „The yellow wallpaper” That Adamczak has linked to a personal story of his mother.

The piece was staged in the space divided in two, and my role was first to be producing video content for the staging, It ended up to be a divided spectacle played simoultanousely by a couple of performers (me and Szymon Adamczak) – role playing between feminine and masculine, between ┬ávisible and imagined, between whats to be seen and what’s socially implemented.

In „We are not watching the past yet” I was performing lie on stage, that seems to be an important experience for my latest works that combine live performances and video work understood as a form of a lecture or knowledge reference – in this case w visual reference.

In „We are not watching the past yet” I was also an auteur of the part of the text for the play and improvising live.

The visual material for „We are not watching the past yet” was inspired by my recent research on the visual constitution of social expectations through editing google search content and stock photos into edited, emotionally schemed visualizations. The exhibition „Simple gestures” That followed in Kassel is an outcome of that experience.

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