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ON AIRS project launch

piątek, 26 maja, 2017

In a collaboration with photographer Vera Duivenvoorden and graphic designer Paul Stümpel we created an ON AIRs project, that aims to document the Art Residencies, starting with the one that we met at – WOW art residency in Amsterdam.

Here is the link to the website we created in order to later move to a printed version of the project:


Our goal is to spread the concept of observing the peculiarities of living /working spaces as such into different  institutions. We aim on grasping the temporality and intense creative atmosphere that is an outcome of it, framed into the specific space.


The Artist in Residence magazine
By Vera Duivenvoorden, Paul Stümpel, Julia Sokolnicka
AIRs. Who are they? Or: who are we, because ON AIRS is a project about us, made by us.
AIR is short for Artist in Residence. A residency is a formal way of giving artists temporary housing or work-space to help them develop projects. The residency can be in the form of a scholarship, but it can take other shapes too. Increasingly, residencies around the world are paid for by the artists themselves – both in art schools and institutions providing the artist with education, curatorial support or studio space, and in housing/studio facilities allowing artists to re-locate to inspiring spaces or hubs for networking and professional development.
As fast as the art world grows, the earth shrinks and big cities, such as Amsterdam, are undergoing rapid metamorphoses. A city’s culture is closely connected to its artists – some would say the barometer and critical force of change. Gentrification and the residential aspect of art practice are inextricably linked.
ON AIRS focuses on different aspects of temporality of the residency. At WOW we interviewed our neighbours and friends, as this is where we met and worked together. WOW is special for many reasons. Founded together with the city council as a ‘Broedplaats’ (art factory), it also houses a hostel, the proceeds of which support the structure as a whole. WOW is also one of the largest residences, hosting around 50 artists of different ages, nationalities and career goals.
What interested us in ON AIRS is how we are all very different but work within the same parameters: two years at WOW, in identical spaces in a modernist building, the former polytechnic. Especially the spaces were inspiring: it became clear that these four walls could be filled with entirely different energies and artistic personalities, while the time given and the goals were similar for everyone. To evolve, to grow, to establish roots, to break through to the market, but stay creative and true to ourselves.
Enjoy ON AIRS – the very private studio visits, capturing that one moment in time when each of us was an AIR.

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