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czwartek, 4 czerwca, 2020

Postcards from Poland – my series from the teens of 21st century, were published in Kajet Journal. The theme for the last few months was Periphery. Kajet is one of my favorite outlets for the Eastern and Central European Culture.


The selected photos are a part of the “Postcards from Poland” series shot between 2012 and 2013, at the time when I was almost always on the road. I was working as a costume designer, mostly with short student films. Simultaneously, I tried to self-produce and direct my two documentary films—“Side Roads”, that I have finished in 2015 and “Luth”. I was rather poor, and as a remedy for such state of things I just kept on moving. The work on “Side Roads” included hitchhiking all over Poland, and all the other labour I was involved with was fuelled by cheap transportation, bad accommodation, and lots of passion. The pictures from the series were fast snaps, often candid, usually made on a move with some luggage in one hand. The constant mobility allowed me to capture a change of scenery historically speaking, to visually document a transition toward something. The old and rotten slowly being wiped out, the cheap and poor, gaining stability and wealth. I trained in attentive gaze and tried to organise the blurb of images and creative stimulants I happened to be in. It later became my research method and led to devising my own way of working with larger archives.

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